Sunday, 29 August 2010

WETF Update and new clip

The main event passed and tranquility has returned to WETF HQ for a few months.

Odd Job went off for a short holiday and came back sick but the CEO has had him on light duties since he was able. These are very light due to his hurt arm and the drugs he has to take which prevent him doing anything complicated jobs or driving. Thus he spends a lot of time ensconced in his office, workshop or other secluded place examining the back of his eye lids as he has a Doctors note that says this is OK. The CEO is not a happy bunny but puts up with it.

For the last few weeks she has had him clearing a space behind the green house, at the rear of the wood. This had been used by her to raise seedlings and bring on plants but Odd Job had redesigned the fencing and the chickens had got in, destroying months of work in just a day or so. Odd Job is ordered to make and erect a fence with a gate, which he completes in record time, for him, in just over 3 weeks.

When I say erected a fence and made a gate, I mean he dragged a pre-made piece of 4x2timber frame which is 12 feet by 4 and has galvanised wire across it, which he had been saving for some reason, down to the gap between the shed and the wood. There he propped it up and tied it to a tree. He then constructed, over several days, a swinging gate made from off cuts of mahogany banister rail he had laying around.

By cunning design (he says) the gate is positioned in such a way that it swings shut automatically when released. The CEO is not convinced and believes it may be the fact that the 4x2 "fence" is leaning slightly off centre that causes this effect.

Anyway, he's happy with a job well done and the area is now chicken free.

Odd Job gets to work clearing the area (again) and tidying up (again) so that the CEO can do what she does best. She had grown most of the trees in the fruit and nut orchard, also the "Ashley" hedge.

The end of the garden is some way off and the wireless phone doesn't reach down there so, Odd Job takes with him a radio in order that the CEO can reach without haven't to hunt all the site or through the wood to find him. This has a range of about a mile so he is also findable when he goes walkabout around the village. He is beaten if he fails to take it with him, or doesnt answer the radio.

She calls him up...
"Odd Job, Odd Job"
"Shushh! you'll scare it" comes the whispered reply
"Scare what?"
"The squirrel"
"What squirrel?"
"The one sitting on the wall eating hazelnuts. Its lovely."

The CEO goes out and examines the nut trees that had been coming along nicely with a good crop of nuts........not a one is left.

Odd Job appears later in the canteen smiling, whistling badly, something that resembles a classic tune. The CEO pleased to see him happy for once, listens and, playing the "I'll name that tune game" tries to make it out.
"It is by Tchaikovsky, aaaaaaaaand. Its the Nutcracker suite?"
"No, Its about chocolate, isnt it?"

As she chases him out, threatening him with a fly swatter, she thinks "Fruit and nutcase, how apt"

We finish tonight with two clips and a reminder to watch the Michael Ball Show at 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday. Joel Hicks, target for egg throwing, is on in his other role as World Gravey Wrestling Champ.

The clips.
The first we found recently. Indian TVs "Mad Mad World". Watch the whole clip, the eggs are great, as is the sea gull.

The 2nd.
Heres how it should of sounded.