Sunday, 26 June 2011

Intergalactic Egg Throwing Championship results.

World Egg Throwing Federation

2011 World Championship report.

Eggcellent day for the Dutch, Irish and Brits. Germany fail to score gold, only picking up a silver.

During a blistering hot day that played havoc with egg stability a larger than ever crowd gathered to watch not only international players but also the first trans-galactic event as Darth Vader sent storm troopers to take part. The Federation members fought back bravely and used the force to knock back the Empires trooper’s attempts.

Target Throwing.

Winner. Miss Emily Van Der Weyden, aged 5 and 3/4. (“I’m 6 in August”) with three shots to the torso. Emily's fine target throwing beating off dozens of other hopeful contenders that were distracted by the target (Ex World Gravy Wrestling Champion) Joel Hicks.

Russian Egg Roulette.

Surprise knock outs to the previous winner Opal Upton Brooker that was let down by the Raike power to go out in the first round. Daniel De’ath, following on from his mother’s success two years ago failed at the 2nd stage but fared so much better than the Elite Empire Guard storm trooper Stormie869 and ickle Stormie that failed to get past the first egg. They didn’t “feel the force”

After a tense match the Irish team, led by Paul Murphy triumphed to take 1st place after many nail biting rounds, crushing 1st timer Daniel Harriss.

Static Relay.

3 scratch team were formed to toss out 12 eggs along a 100 metre course. A total lack of coordination meant that only 4 and 5 eggs survived the passage. “Team Strugglers” consisting of a mix of English and Dutch swept in, in an unrecorded time that beat the other two failures by over a minute. A disappointing match for the team but enjoyed enormously by the crowd as the tossers made a complete hash of it.

Throw and catch.
All comers

Stated of in a promising fashion for the heats that led to 7 teams going through to the final. By the time arrived though the temperature had risen from a balmy 20 degrees to 28. This had an unfortunate effect on the eggs being thrown as gas pressure built up. What had been recorded at 60 metres failed miserably in the finals and the starting distance of 40 metres was not achieved again. A many rounds at this range the distance was eventually reduced and then again until a tense toss off was met at 30 metres between the Dutch and German teams. A high lob by Andries “the boy” Smink” was successfully caught by William “the arm” Riestra. This supreme act of egg throwing could not be matched by talent of German team despite the wonderful throw of Timo Brenunig.

Egg Trebuchet.

An impressive field ranging from a hand built ¼ siege engine to a high tech computerised design machine battled it out fromm20mretres up to 70. After many rounds of 3 eggs per distance the eventual standing was;

4th Nederlands (using a machine that could of taken the title) 35 points.

3rd Team Grantham (using a machine made out an old pallet) 37 points

2nd Latvian Welders (last years winner) 45 points

1st Ova Easy (computer design machine with superb sling) 52 points.

Photos to follow.

Thanks to all those that took part and enjoyed the day. (espically the Troopers)

Further info.

Andy Dunlop
World Egg Throwing Federation

07900 26 78 70

Tuesday, 21 June 2011




The World Egg Throwing Federation has claimed success in the first stage of the process for official recognition for Egg Throwing as a recognised sport.

Today they have received the response of Sport England which, whilst not fully successful, has opened the way for full recognition of the following disciplines of egg throwing which fulfil the definition of the Council of Europe’s European Sports Charter 1993:

Two person throw and catch
Static relay.
Target throwing
Egg trebuchet.

However disappointingly, Russian Egg Roulette was not accepted as a sport as it failed the definition outlined.

The preliminary recognition process also failed due to a few minor administrative faults which included, amongst others, a lack of financial accounts being provided, a lack of complaints procedures and evidence of membership numbers meeting the required amount.

The World Egg Throwing Federation (incorporating the All England Egg Throwing Federation) is now addressing these failings to ensure full recognition in time for the start of the 2012 season.

Full information on the disciplines and the application for recognition can be gained via

Notes for editors.
The World Egg Throwing Championships are to be held on Sunday the 26th of June at Swaton in Lincolnshire and are be hosted by Swaton Vintage Day.
All monies raised by the event are used to support local, national and international good causes such ads Leukaemia Research, The Red Cross, Air Ambulance provision, Children’s Hospices, and Shelter Box.
No chickens will be hurt during the championships.

Further Information can be obtained from:

Andy Dunlop
07900 26 78 70

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Russian coverage translated


At the end of June in the English county of Lincolnshire in the traditional world championship by throwing eggs tournament will take place on the “Russian roulette” the winner will receive the title of the strongest on the planet.

Championship for the sixth time to gather adventurers from all over the world, which considers the egg piece of exercise equipment. They will compete in five disciplines, approved by the International Federation of throwing eggs (WETF).
"The ancient art of throwing eggs knows no national boundaries and brings together world-class athletes in quest for perfection" - the head WETF Andy Dunlop.
In addition to banal shots of chick embryos at a distance and accuracy, the program includes a static relay, whose members as quickly as possible should pass each other a dozen eggs without breaking with the single, as well as the firing of the Trebuchet egg and the notorious “Russian roulette.
On the rules of the last match is worth looking in more detail. Two players sit down opposite each other, tie bandanas on their heads and chosen by lot determine the order of "shots". The players is a container with six eggs, the number of rounds in the drum of a revolver, five of them cooked hard-boiled, but one thing - raw.
According to the judge's signal participant chooses an egg and smashes on his own head. Losing someone who will break a raw egg
Reigning champion in this discipline is a 12-year-old Briton Tom Paddon, who claims that can find the right egg in a barely perceptible smell.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dutch National Team ready for World Egg Throwing Championships

Makkum (NL) – Andries Smink, holder of the Dutch national record for Egg throwing, and the talented Chris Kooistra will represent The Netherlands at the 6th World Egg Throwing Championships at Swaton, England on June 26th.

In view of their previous results and extensive training regime they believe they stand a good chance of bringing home to Holland the title of “World Champions”.

Smink and Kooistra are looking forward to the challenge in England. Andries says that “Of course, whilst it’s nice to be the best of this region we have no idea where we stand internationally but as the official Dutch participants this gives us the opportunity to find out”. However, the teams quiet sportsmanship is somewhat belied by the fact that that the distance thrown by Andries and his brother (and regular partner) Bauke-Jetze Smink do not fall out of place with the recorded performances of World Champions in previous years. Indeed the proven abilities of the Dutch pair led to the Dutch delegations special invitation to Swaton by the World Egg Throwing Federation.

Smink and Kooistra will be accompanied by their coach Willem Rienstra along with team manager Jacques Hoogenboom, the Secretary of the Dutch Egg Throwing Federation.

When the team returns to Makkum, The Netherlands on June 27th, they will have just two weeks to prepare for the Dutch National Open Egg Throwing Championships on the 9th of July. This event is hosted by Makkum’s town centre and will involve 4 disciplines:

Distance egg throwing,
Static Eggstafette (or "Static Egg Relay"),
Russian Egg Roulette
Egg Trebuchet.

The Dutch National Open games are played to World Egg Throwing Federation rules and to ensure fair play the Dutch Federation has invited World Egg Throwing Federation President Andy Dunlop to act as Chief Umpire. Andy says that “This is a great honour, but more importantly it shows that the ancient sport of Egg Throwing knows no national boundary and drawing together world class athletes in pursuit of excellence”

A British team is also hard at working training for the trebuchet competition.

Participants can still enter the Dutch Open through their website

Notes for editors:
Additional images of the participants or otherwise can obtained by mailing

For more information:
Dutch Contacts.

Jetze Genee : +31 6 29 530 749
Willem Rienstra: +31 6 51 051 997
English Contact
Andy Dunlop 07900 26 78 70