Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Meet Mo

Meet Mo the Cockerel from The World Egg Throwing Championships

He’s big, he’s white and he’s the cockiest cockerel you ever will meet! He’s Mo the cockerel and he’s here to tell you all about the World Egg Throwing Championships. Every year people come together to throw eggs (not at each other), all in the name of charity and this award-winning event was voted the Where Else But England winner 2010! It’s held on Sunday 26 June this year at the Swaton Vintage Day festival.

Mo the Cockerel: He considers himself to be a bit of a stud.

Hi Mo, do you want to tell us a bit about your life, your past?

I was born in Sheffield on the 27th of February 2005 and moved south to the World Egg Federation headquarters shortly after. I never really knew my parents as I was born in an incubator.
I firstly set up home in a nice warm bathroom with my best friend called “Mirror” and two little girl chicks called Eenymeny and Miny. “Mirror” didn’t talk much, but was always there for me. When I grew up a little we all moved outside (except Mirror, I don’t know what happened to him) to live with my other girls. These had all been working ladies who had been retired here. It was either here at Swaton or a little Welsh village of "Abattoir"!

You have eight wives, do you ever get their names mixed up? Or do you just number them?

Number them! What sort of chicken do you think I am? They are all called Beryl. This prevents any unfortunate mistakes when the lights are out.

How do you feel about people throwing the eggs? Does it offend you?

Not at all, we produce so many despite some of the girls being quite old now, but then again, I’m a pretty good cockerel!

Do you think The WETC will get recognised by the English Sports Council? How long have you been campaigning for this?

Of course they should, it’s a true sport that’s been played for hundreds of years since 1322 but without the proper recognition it deserves. Hopefully we’ll put that right and put paid to improper use of eggs in politics. I’ve campaigned for it for a long time but it took a lot of preparation to get everything in place. When we started the World Championships there were only a one type of game, throw and catch, but we’ve developed four more since then and it’s now being played worldwide.

Why should people vote for the WETC?

The Championships are organised, with my help, by a tiny little village in Lincolnshire without the support from big commercial organisations or councils. Despite having way more than its fair share of village idiots they have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity and rightfully put Egg Throwing on the world stage.

What charities does the WETC raise money for?

There are quite a few. Leukaemia Research, McMillan Nurses, LIVES (rural volunteer emergency responders), The Red Cross, a children’s hospice and Shelter box plus a number of other good causes.

You have a new logo – what does the Latin motto mean?

“Not a bad egg amongst us”.

For more information, go here to The World Egg Throwing Championships website, where there is also more info about sponsorship opportunities.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Egg Throwers need your help

The World Egg Throwing Championships is seeking your help, not money, just a few seconds of your time.

We have been nominated for the Visit England excellence awards for 2011 in the “Where else but England” category. We would like to do well in this for the following reasons:

1. It may assist us with our attempt to get the sport of Egg Throwing recognised by the English Sports Council.

2. It may assist us with our aim of getting Egg Throwing into the 2012 Olympics as a demonstration sport.

3. It does provide us with good press coverage which in turn draws more sponsors and more people to our event. Every extra adult through the gate means another £4, every child £2, to causes like Leukaemia Research, Shelter Box, MacMillan Nurses, Lincs Air Ambulance, LIVES emergency responders and a number of other good causes.

Over the years we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity. You can help us raise even more this year by voting for us via the link attached below and then passing this mail to everyone else in your mail box.

Here’s the link. and/or you for your time

Andy Dunlop
World Egg Throwing Federation

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