Monday, 1 July 2013

2013 World Egg Throwing Chamionships Results

2013 World Egg Throwing  Championships

2 person Throw and Catch Champions
 Richard “Strong Arm” Wells (Tosser)   Tom “Ginge” Harrison (Receiver) 57 metres. (England and Billingborough Cricket Club)

Runners Up
Wild Willie O’Donovan (Current world record holder of 71.2 m and All  Ireland  Champion) Anon (Receiver)( who dropped catch at plus 60 metres) (Ireland)

 Under 13s 2 person Throw and Catch Champions
Dominik Stegmaier  and Cameron Elliot

 Russian Egg Roulette Champion
Mark Heselwood (England)
(Mark as a late stand in reserve for Simon Cowell who failed to aarrive)

Target Throwing with Accuracy
Elliot Hurrell  (7years) (with two shots to the groin)

 Egg Trebuchet
Team Japan (plus 50 metres)
Mitsuomi TAKAHASHI (Captain, retired power ranger)
Taro OGAWA  (egg expert)
Yosuke NAGATOMI  (thrower catcher)
Yuki KOSHIMA thrower (catcher)

Robert Arnold (England) (Trainer, Designer, Engineer.)