Thursday, 25 April 2013

Russell Howard's Good News.

Hello and welcome to the World Egg Throwing Federation web pages. 

You may be here because you've seen something about us on Russell Howards Good News programme.

How did we did manage to get on Russell's show?

The World Egg Throwing Federation hosts the World Championships in June each year.  We also have affiliated national events in many other Countries.   These are currently Ireland (May), Finland (June) England (July) Holland (July) Australia (August)  Scotland (August) Ireland (again) (October).  At each of these we seek to establish the best of the best in sport egg throwing and whilst doing so raise tens of thousands of pounds for local, national and international charities. 

In February and March 2013,  4 members of the Federation went off to India, at their own expense, to support the "End Polio Now" campaign and help to inoculate over 200,000,000 children under 5 in one weekend.  Whilst there they took on the might of India's finest Russian Egg Roulette players in a 7 match test series.  They romped it. 

Watch here  BBC TV Cover

If you want to be part of this,  browse our web site, study the 5 disciplines we promote and get practicing.  We'd like to see you at Swaton in June for the World Championships or at any of the other events we support.   


Mo the Cockerel

NB.  We only use eggs that are well past their sell by date.  No chickens are hurt during the games.  All our chickens are rescued hens that have outlived their commercial use and would have been sent the small Welsh village of Abattoir if they had not chosen to take up residence in Swaton. All monies raised from the work of the World Egg Throwing Federation goes to charity.  No expenses are taken for travel, accommodation or promotion. 

Commercial Sponsors always welcome.