Wednesday, 7 September 2011

World Egg Throwing Championships makes China's school curriculum

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Can egg throwing be an olympic
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There are many kinds of sports in the word and some of them are very interesting .Egg throwing is one of them .We all know , usually ,it's not nice to throw eggs at people or other things.But egg throwinggame is another thing. As a popular sport today ,it is played by lots of people all over the world. There is seven a World Egg Throwing Championship in England every year .
When people take part in an egg throwing game, they have to follow some rules.For example ,players must not use any kind of help such as gloves and nets when catching or throwing eggs. Team members can wear the clothes given to them by the organizers . They can also wear glasses to protect their eyes.
Now,some egg throwing fans in England want to make egg throeing an Olympic sport.Canthey make it? Let's wait and see.
1.Where can people take part in the World Egg Throwing Championship?
2.Can the players wear gloves th catch eggs?
3.What are some egg throwing fans trying to do?