Sunday, 26 June 2011

Intergalactic Egg Throwing Championship results.

World Egg Throwing Federation

2011 World Championship report.

Eggcellent day for the Dutch, Irish and Brits. Germany fail to score gold, only picking up a silver.

During a blistering hot day that played havoc with egg stability a larger than ever crowd gathered to watch not only international players but also the first trans-galactic event as Darth Vader sent storm troopers to take part. The Federation members fought back bravely and used the force to knock back the Empires trooper’s attempts.

Target Throwing.

Winner. Miss Emily Van Der Weyden, aged 5 and 3/4. (“I’m 6 in August”) with three shots to the torso. Emily's fine target throwing beating off dozens of other hopeful contenders that were distracted by the target (Ex World Gravy Wrestling Champion) Joel Hicks.

Russian Egg Roulette.

Surprise knock outs to the previous winner Opal Upton Brooker that was let down by the Raike power to go out in the first round. Daniel De’ath, following on from his mother’s success two years ago failed at the 2nd stage but fared so much better than the Elite Empire Guard storm trooper Stormie869 and ickle Stormie that failed to get past the first egg. They didn’t “feel the force”

After a tense match the Irish team, led by Paul Murphy triumphed to take 1st place after many nail biting rounds, crushing 1st timer Daniel Harriss.

Static Relay.

3 scratch team were formed to toss out 12 eggs along a 100 metre course. A total lack of coordination meant that only 4 and 5 eggs survived the passage. “Team Strugglers” consisting of a mix of English and Dutch swept in, in an unrecorded time that beat the other two failures by over a minute. A disappointing match for the team but enjoyed enormously by the crowd as the tossers made a complete hash of it.

Throw and catch.
All comers

Stated of in a promising fashion for the heats that led to 7 teams going through to the final. By the time arrived though the temperature had risen from a balmy 20 degrees to 28. This had an unfortunate effect on the eggs being thrown as gas pressure built up. What had been recorded at 60 metres failed miserably in the finals and the starting distance of 40 metres was not achieved again. A many rounds at this range the distance was eventually reduced and then again until a tense toss off was met at 30 metres between the Dutch and German teams. A high lob by Andries “the boy” Smink” was successfully caught by William “the arm” Riestra. This supreme act of egg throwing could not be matched by talent of German team despite the wonderful throw of Timo Brenunig.

Egg Trebuchet.

An impressive field ranging from a hand built ¼ siege engine to a high tech computerised design machine battled it out fromm20mretres up to 70. After many rounds of 3 eggs per distance the eventual standing was;

4th Nederlands (using a machine that could of taken the title) 35 points.

3rd Team Grantham (using a machine made out an old pallet) 37 points

2nd Latvian Welders (last years winner) 45 points

1st Ova Easy (computer design machine with superb sling) 52 points.

Photos to follow.

Thanks to all those that took part and enjoyed the day. (espically the Troopers)

Further info.

Andy Dunlop
World Egg Throwing Federation

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