Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Russian coverage translated


At the end of June in the English county of Lincolnshire in the traditional world championship by throwing eggs tournament will take place on the “Russian roulette” the winner will receive the title of the strongest on the planet.

Championship for the sixth time to gather adventurers from all over the world, which considers the egg piece of exercise equipment. They will compete in five disciplines, approved by the International Federation of throwing eggs (WETF).
"The ancient art of throwing eggs knows no national boundaries and brings together world-class athletes in quest for perfection" - the head WETF Andy Dunlop.
In addition to banal shots of chick embryos at a distance and accuracy, the program includes a static relay, whose members as quickly as possible should pass each other a dozen eggs without breaking with the single, as well as the firing of the Trebuchet egg and the notorious “Russian roulette.
On the rules of the last match is worth looking in more detail. Two players sit down opposite each other, tie bandanas on their heads and chosen by lot determine the order of "shots". The players is a container with six eggs, the number of rounds in the drum of a revolver, five of them cooked hard-boiled, but one thing - raw.
According to the judge's signal participant chooses an egg and smashes on his own head. Losing someone who will break a raw egg
Reigning champion in this discipline is a 12-year-old Briton Tom Paddon, who claims that can find the right egg in a barely perceptible smell.

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