Saturday, 19 February 2011

The World Egg Throwing FederationNEWS 1
The 6th World Egg Throwing Championships
to be held at
Swaton, Lincolnshire
Sunday June 26th 2011

The Games consist of 5 disciplines.
Throw and Catch
Static Relay
Target Throwing
Russian Egg Roulette
Egg Trebuchet

World Wide Interest
Whilst disappointed by Mr Clooney’s non-attendance in 2008, and indeed John Prescott’s in 2006, we were heartened to find that well over 1500 newspapers, radio stations and TV outlets covered the event in such diverse countries as Panama, Brazil, Peru and Latvia. This, in no particular hit order, drew interest in taking part in the World Games from the following top countries:
The United States, the UK, France, Canada, Sweden, China, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Belgium and Norway. We are aware that 36 TV companies carried footage of the event including BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ABC America along with French, Italian, German, Indian and Chinese broadcasters meaning that an estimated 4 billion people had the opportunity to see the games. Clips are available on the website, buts here is a taster.

Official Recognition being sought
The sport of egg throwing, thought to have been invented in 1322, is seeking official recognition via the English Sports Council. All required criteria have been fulfilled and the application documents are receiving scrutiny by the Sports Council’s London office. We expect their decision shortly. It is hoped that success will enable Egg Throwing to being admitted as a demonstration sport in the 2012 London Olympics.

Confirmed contestants from around the globe
We have invited, via their Embassies, all Countries to take part in the games. Responses have already been received from Sweden, Holland, Jamaica and Germany.
Whilst some Countries are still seeking out their best egg throwers to take part we can already confirm the attendance of the Dutch National Champions and The USA National Tossing Champions Their video is most excellent.
Alternative entertainment
The host, Swaton Vintage Day, has over 400 vintage vehicles on display. There will be terrier racing, dog agility demonstrations, archery, a ferret and chicken show, local musicians. Proper food and a real ale bar, stocked by Swaton’s own and most excellent micro brewery, with Happy Jack Ale

How to play
See for details of how to enter each game, how it’s played and how to make your own machine.

Gates open at 1030. Entrance fee is £4 per adult, School age children £2. Under school age Free. Games are free to enter except Target Throwing. Registration commences at 1100. Players are invited to enrol now to ensure a place, as there is an egg numbers limit.

Andy Dunlop
World President
World Egg Throwing Federation.

Notes to editors.
Photos can be supplied or taken directly from the website.
Please use the website address in any coverage. www.eggthrowing.comContact the writer for quotes.

The WETF and Swaton Vintage Day are run entirely without profit to raise funds for local and national charitable good causes including the Red Cross, Leukaemia Research and Air Ambulance provision. No chickens will be hurt during the games. All eggs are stockpiled from local, happy and free-range sources. All eggs have been selected from those classified as not fit for consumption. Eggs may be at least 6 months old. Sponsors are being sought.

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