Sunday, 24 June 2012

2012 Results

A wonderful sunny day with  a fresh easterly wind.  A lage crowd gathered to watch top tossers from around the globe descend upon Swaton for the 2012 World Egg Throwing Championships.


Russian Egg Roulette
Englnd Jerry Cullen of Swineshead
2nd place
Scotland  John Flemming

Egg Trebuchet
England Team Bea

2 Person Thro and Catch
Holland Smink and Vissar 40m

Egg Static Relay
7 eggs in 1 minute
Mixd Greek, German, Irish an English team

Egg Target Throwing
Winner (with two shots to the groind and one to torso)
England Alicia an Miles Line of Helpringham

EggThrowing (13 and under)
South Africa Leo Houwing of Cape Town.

Full write up later this week.  See national press for details

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