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The World Egg Throwing Federation
World Egg Throwing Championships.
27th June 2010

Despite an expected low turnout due to another less prestigious event (and subsequently less successful) there was standing room only around the WETF temp HQ by a demonstration Shelterbox tent at Swaton today.

It estimated that 1000’s attended and over 300 contestants took part in total in the Egg throwing disciplines being practiced.

Throw and catch. 2 person event.
A requirement for one of the two time winners to attend due to work meant that the game was wide open. High hopes of an exciting game caused by the attendance of a pair Australians were soon dashed when they fell at the first line. Similar tragedy struck many other who sought to blame the high temperatures (27 degrees C) on the failure to catch. The final was to be decided after a heat throw only reaching 20 metres.
The failure of the heats to reach exciting distances was made even more interesting when a pair of 12 year old Darragh Hardy and Damian Wellington in the under 13s event managed 25 metres. They were immediate posted into the adult final to add some decent competition to lack lustre performance of the “big people”.
They repeated them throwing and beat off the opposition again with a catch at 25 metres. Well done boys. Adults………… you must try harder. We were expecting at least 60 metres.

Target Throwing.
Over 50 persons attempted to strike the target dressed as a German Officer. Standing 24 feet away, points were as follows face, nil. Arms and legs 1. Body 2. Groin 3. Using well aimed shot this was won by a double shot to the unprotected area causing massive pain. Our winner is Michael Benltly.

Egg static relay. A pair of scratch team managed a dead heat with 7 eggs surviving the 100 metre toss. A repeat of the race drew an eventual winner but only 4 eggs surviving in 28 seconds.

Egg Trebuchet. 9 teams entered. Dutch team failed to make more than 5 metres despite the effort of 5 scientists. At 50 metres the numbers were reduced to include only the 3 best efforts. Surprisingly the favourites “Proper Job” and Team Emu failed to qualify. Those successful making through were Team Grantham with a trebuchet made mostly from scrap timber and a pallet, Team Swaton using a trebuchet of doubtful origin and the Latvian Welders. The Latvians did not do well in the early rounds but managed to pull it back to scrape through. At 60 metres the high lobs defeated the lesser catchers and the Latvian won with 1 catch, 1 touch to gain 4 points.

Russian Egg Roulette. Early games passed without to much incident with the favourites going through by use of their skill in determining raw from cooked eggs. Early fallers were not unexpected, however creeping up through the heats, almost unnoticed came Tom Paddon of Sleaford (12 yrs), gaining massive support in the final. It went to the final egg. Up against previous 2008 winner Opal Upton Brooker of Grantham it was a game that everyone knew she would win. Tom clearly though knew his eggs and managed to detect the faint odour of raw egg in orders to avoid the unlucky strike. We welcome Tom to our hall of fame.

During the day the WETF and Swaton Vintage Day were entertained by various top class musicians including Arryn Neytiri and the most excellent Sleaford Ukulele Orchestra. We hope to report that we will have several 1000’s of pounds were raised for causes such as Shelterbox, Leukaemia Research, LIVES, Air Ambulance and The Red Cross.

World Egg Throwing Federation

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  1. I came, I tried, I failed. Knocked out in the first round of russian egg roulette by some woman from Banbury. Raw egg is eggcellent for conditioning your hair, although in the heat of the day it became rather fried.