Saturday, 5 June 2010

Rick Rolled

The WETF got a call from "This Morning", the ITV programme asking if the Federation could help with a programme on Tuesday coming.
"Of course but what are you intending to cover" was the response.

After a long series of discussions all was agreed and the CEO set about getting it organised. First she had to contact trainers and players, get gear together and sort out travel. All was going well until she realised she wouldn't make it and would need to trust it to "Odd Job" to represent the World Egg Throwing Federation on the day. Her heart sank.

He is summoned and the task explained "You have to go to London, on a train, cars are organised by the TV people, look after a few people, nothing taxing, nothing complicated, just be there."
"O.K," he says "Who's going to be on as well"

Oh! thinks the CEO, who hadn't asked that but remembers seeing something on the Internet earlier, "I think its some singers (trying to remember their names)... Pixie Lott ... and ... Christina Aguilera"
Odd Job, starts fidgeting, puffs up his chest, says very firmly "I think I can cope with this, leave it to me"

The CEO is pleased to see Odd Job takes his tasks seriously but is somewhat surprised when he disappears off and comes back minus the weeks growth of stubble and then declares he's off for a hair cut.

Later, after returning newly shorn, Odd Job goes off to do his Emails and returns looking somewhat crestfallen.

"Whats the matter Odd Job?"
"There is, what is it?"
"Well, you know you said Pixie and Christina were on the show"
"Yes, what of it?"
"On Tuesday, they are on "Good Morning TV", not "This Morning". I wont see them."
"Oh sorry. Is that important?"
"Er, no, of course not."
"Who is on?"
"Rick Astley"
"Oh!" says CEO (trying desperately to think of a reason why she must now go)

Despite everything, Odd Job soon forgets his disappointment and starts wandering around doing what he does.

Unfortunately, today his tuneless whistling consists of only the first two lines of a chorus, as that is all he knows, repeated over and over and over again
"never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down".

The CEO has been Rick Rolled........

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