Sunday, 30 May 2010

28 days and counting

You'll no doubt notice the large amount of roadside advertising that appears during the summer months along roads in the countryside. Some are semi permanent, placed on trailers to avoid planning laws, some are very professional advising of forthcoming county fair whilst others are somewhat less professional with painting daubed on tractor tyres telling of village fetes or lay by tea stops. The latter tend to annoy the grass cutters as they interrupt the flow of the heavy machines and thus don't last long.

Near Swaton, a number of these have appeared on the A52 advising of farm shops, stables, county shows and fairs, caravan sites, burger vans, parkland homes, beds, garage and barns sales. It is, of course, important that ones own sign stand out amongst the litter that these create in order to get the intended message across. To that end Odd Job and some others connected with the Swaton Vintage Day went out earlier with a tractor, flat bed, trailer and other implements of destruction to erect the BIG signs. Odd Job, handicapped by his sore arm and a variety of pain killing drugs that make him even dimmer than normal, was unable to assist to any extent apart from stomping around looking for last years holes on the edges of the fields that the posts will fit "just nicely" into, but at least it kept him out of the way for a while.

The signs a about 6 feet square and mounted on large posts. When erected they proclaim, from the fields to approaching traffic, the essential who, what, when, where and how.

Swaton Vintage Day, Fun for all the family, (drawings of vintage vehicles) The Park, Thorpe Latimer, Sunday June 27th, 10:30, World Egg Throwing Championship. Terrier racing, bring your own dog for a race.

Ive always wondered about that last line..... as if you'd bring someone elses dog for a race?

As this team of ancient crocks were erecting the last sign they noticed the sign that "Half Finished" had erected some days earlier for a "BOOK and PIANT FAIR" at the village hall the day before. You may recall "Half Finished", he's the chap that lives across the road form WETF HQ and is named by his CEO in the same vein as "Half Done" aka "Odd Job" for the same reason.

"Hmmm" says one "What is a "book and piant fair"?"

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  1. Hmmm there is an old saying about Swaton that goes thus.
    Every village has it's idiot and then there is Swaton