Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Preperations for the Games and Odd Job blots his copybook again

Preparations continue for the 5th World Egg Throwing Championships on June 27th.

Odd Job has been keeping a low profile, organising banners for the publicity whilst the CEO has been telling people how he failed to wake her when the fire occurred on Sunday, leaving that instead to the Fire Brigade, as he "didn't want to worry her". When he does make an appearance she casts that well practiced glare in his direction. He knows he's in trouble, he's not even whistling, but his memory is short and he'll soon forget.

Egg stocks are building despite recent losses of two of Mo's girlfriends. This evening it looks like another has gone too. At dusk only 10 Beryls reported for bed. A search of the area, including Gaston's pen, has failed to find any trace except a hole in the fence into the neighbouring field. It's hoped she will be back in the morning.

The Blue tits are not having much luck either. Their seven eggs hatched but their losses have grown. They only have 4 babies remaining.

On the PR side, interest continues to grow. Whilst no response has been received from David Cameron, nor Tyler Dixon, to the request to attend there has been two enquiries from well known British TV programmes to come along and take part. Nothing confirmed as yet but probable. There's also been interest from a Dutch and German TV again.

This evening, some friends called around the WETF HQ and Odd Job, surprisingly, declared he would prepare a meal. This is unusual as his cooking ability is worse than his whistling but clearly showed he was trying. Very trying, it turned out.

First he produces the menu for the Sunlight Takeaway, then after ordering a large meal for four, declares he might like some cash.
The CEO asks "How much would you like?"
Odd Job "£80"
CEO "That's a lot! How much is the meal?"
Guest "£36"
CEO "Why do you need £80?"
Odd Job grins "You asked me how much I wanted, not what I needed"
After cuffing him around the ear, she gives him £40.
Odd Job produces wallet and adds the CEOs cash to the wedge he has already secreted in it.
CEO "You've got loads of cash! What do you need my £40 for?"
Odd Job (as he runs out) "I never said I needed it, just that I'd like it"

As his whistling fades into the night the CEO sighs "He's got to sleep sometime. He can't run when he's asleep"

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