Saturday, 1 May 2010

Running order for Word Egg Throwing Championships

As news of this years events spread the WETF is starting to get calls from all over the world asking for time details.

Sunday June 27th

1000 Gates open to Swaton Vintage Day Show.

1100 Registration starts for Russian Egg Roulette and Egg Throwing events.

1200 World Trebuchet Egg Challenge. All Trebuchets to be on start line.
Egg Throwing with accuracy commences and continues through day whilst target is uninjured or not taking part in other games.

1300 World Russian Egg Roulette opening heats.

1500 World Egg Throwing Championships commence. These include all comers and "Under 13" events.

1545 World Egg Throwing Static Relay.

1600 Finals of Russian Egg Roulette and All comers Egg Throwing.

1630 Awards.

Entrance to the Show is as follows:
Adults £4
Children of school age £2
Concessions £3
Under school age children FREE
Family ticket £10

Car parking FREE

World Egg Throwing Championship entry costs:
No charge, except egg throwing with accuracy which is £2 for 3 eggs.

Pre registration is not normally required but a we would ask that you express an interest before hand to assist with planning.


  1. Can you enter just the distance throwing event?

  2. never been before but im so intrigued i shall come along this year. ill be on my own with my two kid, do i need a partner to enter everything like the catchig and throwing?

  3. Only need a partner for the two person event. We may be able to find you one. There will be a scratch team formation for the relay. Under 13s events for the small versions of you.

  4. gotta say - this was one hell of a fun day, we will be back next year with many more in tow. :)

  5. Im so glad you enjoyed it. Next year will be better still. Will be moving things around a tad to make it even more enjoyable. Got to get the Sleaford Ukelele Orchastra again they were great.