Monday, 26 April 2010

Conversations with Chickens

Mo and his girls live a quiet life, wandering around their grounds, looking for stuff, talking amongst themselves and cooking up plans. Most of their conversation is difficult to understand by the casual visitor but to the trained ear its quite clear. As you might expect, the staff at WETF HQ have developed finely tuned hearing, with the exception of "Odd Job" who is reported, by the CEO, to be suffer form selective deafness. Despite this, he and the others can usually tell whats going on.

For instance, Mo's conversational chat up lines usual involve excited clucking, combined with scratching the ground, trying to tempt the Beryls or girlfriends to come over to him to look at some non existent tit bit he claims to have found. Despite using this many times daily the girls still mostly fall for it.

Common and distinctive calls from the girls are "Im about to lay an egg", "I wish eggs were smaller" and "Phew! Ive laid an egg".

Sometimes though the calls are more urgent and require rapid intervention. At dusk today the peace was shattered by screams of alarm from the orchard. As this can mean mortal danger, all staff ran to investigate fearing a fox had come to call.

As they entered the orchard, they could see 11 Beryls and Mo at the entrance to the Coop, which was strange in itself as by now they had usually put themselves to bed. Mo was standing 1/2 way up the ramp ladder shouting "Warning, Warning, Danger!".

The Beryls were huddled behind him, all trying to climb up the ramp but Mo wouldnt let them pass, deliberately blocking the way. As they saw the staff they all, except Mo, came running over, complaining that it was bed time and Mo wouldn't let them in. Mo stood his ground, shouting, watching the staff and glancing over his shoulder at the coop hatch. Something was wrong and Mo was protecting the girls.

They hurried over and around the back, supported by 11 large brown hens and one small, very loud, white banty cockerel. The roof was lifted, to reveal the intruder.

All will be revealed tomorrow, meanwhile a prize is offered for the first correct email answer to

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  1. The Grantham contingency have a few suggestion
    A, It was a large double shelled egg lying menacingly in the corner.
    B, Goldie has indeed gone broody and returned to the coop.
    C, A hedgehog looking for somewhere snug to have its babies.
    D, One of Oddjobs old socks has evolved into a lower life form and has made a bid for freedom, unfortunately it has not yet learnt it's left from its right and instead of heading to the road has ended up in the hen house.