Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 11. The polls close today

or maybe not, as it seems they are still accepting votes.

The website has been hot with visitors calling in from all over the world, it appears that the Lincoln Echo may have a wider audience than expected.

Meanwhile, back at the coop the girls have had a well fed day as "Half Done" was left in charge of cooking. He hasn't quite got the quantities needed worked out yet. The celery and potato soup was OK, just a bit chewy and needed to be cut with a knife. The main pasta dish however was best described as unusual, although the less kind would say inedible. That said the chickens certainly didn't find it so. They love pasta, no matter how badly cooked.

The strange thing about chickens is that they haven't got the concept of sharing and are also not able to recognise that there is plenty to go around. Its an odd sight, when called, they all come running from where ever they are loitering. They all bowl over as fast as their little legs will carry them, wings outstretched for balance,looking like running matrons holding their skirts up.

As the vast quantity of pasta is ladled out, they squabble amongst themselves for the food, each picking up what they can and running off to prevent others taking it. Upon being seen leaving with a beak full, despite there being plenty still down, the other girls chase after them to attempt to snatch the trailing strands, in a long line, Benny Hill fashion. This parade of running chickens can go on for a while, even passing several times the stuff that's still on the ground. Meanwhile Mo makes "look what Ive found noises" in an attempt to show the girls what a great pasta hunter he is.

Eventually they eat it their fill, wander over to the water trough to quench their thirst, then off to bed. That's when the real trouble starts, Choo Choo is still in there, sitting astride nothing and grumbling that she missed all the pasta. The hedgehogs will finish it after dark, there'll be none left in the morning.

Please carry on voting and, if you don't mind, direct others to so they can too.

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