Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 15. Mo and the Rooks

Mo is like most of Britain, he cant fly. He tries to, but its not what he's best at. This causes some problems and frustrates him enormously.

Here's two examples:
Today the rooks discovered that the fat ball containers had been refilled and the beasties flew in en masse and, six at a time, set about clearing them pdq, rather messily. Mo paced around underneath pointing out the stuff they were dropping, helpfully encouraging them to come down to get it. It however appears that either Mo cant speak rook or, more likely, the rooks were suspicious of Mos intentions and none came down. Mo clearly believed that they couldn't hear him as he then started jumping up at them, all to no avail as they were about 5 feet up and he can only jump about 6 inches.

Eventually Mo tired of this game when his eye was caught by the first butterfly of the day. He was off, chasing the little yellow snack. This flash of yellow, followed by a white feather duster shaped chicken drew the attention of the Beryls, they joined in the Benny Hill style chase.

Now, it would appear to the casual observer that butterfly flight is a haphazard affair with no intentional directional control at all, but today's observations tend to prove otherwise. The yellow snack flew at about 2 feet and progressed around the orchard in a counter clockwise direction, followed by Mo and 11 chickens. Each jumping and diving for the tender morsel. But as one got close, it rose a fraction and changed direction, avoiding the clucking hoard by a short head. Around the grounds twice and then over the pond. The chickens stopped short, deep water they dont like. The butterfly, watched by all the girls, went to the far side and settled on the edge to drink. All the chickens immediately lifted their skirts and tore around the pond but as they arrived the butterfly took off and went to the side they had just left. Clearly a plan was devised then as about 1/2 the chickens returned, leaving a vanguard on the far bank side. The butterfly rose high into the sky and flew over the wood.

Mo went back to plead with the rooks.

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