Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 2 of the election campaign.
Going well despite some strange voting patterns from the Nettle Eaters. They surprisingly went form 1% to 16% overnight, leaving a sour taste in the mouth. It could be that they are taking lessons from Zimbabwe. Later a flurry of activity was spotted from the Birdman but this was out done as a result of the Village newsletter going out, a couple of appearances on local radio and Mos twitter account going world wide via retweet. Mo would argue that he crows rather than tweets.

Meanwhile here at WETF HQ its been raining, much to Mos delight as the girl all congregate under the coop making them easier for him to "look after" as they don't run away. Bad news is that Choo Choo has gone broody overnight and is thus hogging one of the nesting boxes. Anyone that approaches box, including Mo, is seen off by the bad tempered bantam. We have probably 2 weeks of this before she gets bored and returns full time life outside.

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