Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 14. A cunning plan

All had a good night and when opened up this morning all seemed quiet, too quiet. Something was being hatched.

After morning routines, Mo ambled over to the double doors, which are glazed top to bottom and that lead into the orchard from WETF HQ. He peers into the glass from about 6 feet and finds that quite clearly he can see another white cockerel about 12 feet away, inside the building.

He draws himself up and lets off a crow and glares. Surprisingly for Mo, the other cockerel does exactly the same thing. Mo repeats, so does the other. Mo moves sideways, so does the other. More crowing, more moving about. This could go on quite awhile. It usually does.

Meanwhile, two of the newly clipped Beryls meander over to the 5 bar gate that forms the barier between the orchard and the driv. They scratch about for a bit and then, Steve McQueen style, they approach the bottom of it which has an "Odd Job" carefully placed chicken wire barrier to prevent said creatures from hopping though the open style of such devices.

As one appears to be keeping watch, whistling a well known Elmer Bernstein tune, the other furtively lifts the wire with its foot. A quick look over to see that Mo is keeping the watchers busy and then one, then the other crouch down and in turn limbo under the 3 inch gap. After the briefest of moments to check the coast is clear, they both high tail it towards the front, keeping close to the wall.

Odd Job, alerted by the CEO steps out from HQ and catches them mid run, they stop, scratch at the gravel adopting the all innocent look, as if to say "Nice weather we're having"

"Cooler" says Odd Job

Still chance to vote for Mo and his escape committee via

and then that tune

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