Thursday, 8 April 2010

Election Day Three.
Looks like the first real day of spring and most of the girls have been down the waters edge hunting for frogs, toads, newts, spawn, bugs and anything else that moves. Organic free range eggs have the most unpleasant base ingredients. This hunting activity also makes it difficult for Mo as they, the girls, can all move more quickly than he can on the steeply sloped sides. Hes had a frustrating day.

He has though kept himself busy watching for hawks and by trying to think up a consoling message for Fowler, a close friend and fellow cockerel who, strangely for a chicken, supports Manchester United. Mo hasn't been successful in that endeavour, much like Fowlers team. Oh well, theres always hope for the next game but he told him that last weekend as well. In reality, Mo likes to wind up Fowler.

Choo Choo is still hogging nest box number 1 and being hormonal challenged. Egg collection tonight required gloves.

Dont forget to vote.

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