Saturday, 10 April 2010

Election Day 5. In which Mo saves lives.

It may be Saturday and a day off for most but Mo and the girls are just as busy as any other day. Theres no rest when preparing for the forthcoming World Egg Throwing Championships and an election for "England's Most Unique Event" in just a few days.

Business started early when Mo organised a finger tip search of the wood for early morning worms. This was going well until some of the girls decided to take a well deserved dust bath. For those of you that don't know I should explain; This involves snuggling down in a pre-prepared dusty depression, spreading wings and legs in all directions then throwing soil, dust, debris and anything else that comes to wing all over the prone body. This is then followed by a period of taking the rays and chilling. There lies a picture of happy chickens.

However, for all intents and purposes these relaxed hens, laying motionless and bedraggled, tend to look pretty unwell, even unconscious, to any cockerel that happens to pass by.

Mo, upon seeing this sight of perceived devastation, immediately leaps into action and attempts his well practised resuscitation technique. He's pretty good at this and very quickly the girls are all up and about, grumbling about never getting a minutes peace and off worm hunting again. Mo fluffs out his chest, crows and shows them the best places to feed whilst he stands guard.

Over on the far side of the pond is a decked area overlooked by WETF HQ. This has large picture windows where the staff can maintain an eye over proceedings. Its also a good vantage point to watch the pigeons, doves, crows and other birds stop off for a free lunch on the hens provided food. Sometimes though the free lunch takers get to be on the menu of others.

Today for instance, as a dove was coming into land. It made its checks, did its final approach, altered flaps, when suddenly from above came a large hawk dashing in to intercept. The dove saw it, changed direction, so did the hawk, both moved at great speed, one to escape, one to feed. Each concentrated on the other. With an almighty BANG! BANG! both flew into the window and crashed to the decking, stunned, leaving powder imprints of themselves on the glass where they struck.

All eyes moved to the scene. Neither bird moved for a second, then the dove shook itself, recovered and beat a hasty but shaky retreat to the safety of the wood. The hawk still lay there, barely moving.

Before anyone else could intervene, this is where Mo, never one to miss an opportunity to do a good deed, saw his chance to assist. As he hot footed it over from the treeline you could almost hears his cries of "Make way, make way, I'm a trained first aider".

Fortunately for the hawk, it came around and dragged its self to its feet just before Mo arrived. It fixed Mo in its unsteady concussed gaze, Mo stopped, stared back.

Its appears that at this point Mo seemed to remember that hawks eat small chickens and that, despite his opinion of himself, he could indeed be classed as such a creature. However, the hawk seemed unsure, confused, possibly by the fact that he could see 2 cockerels where moments before only one had stood. One small chicken is easy meat, but two is hard work. The hawk chose to depart, nursing a bruised ego and sore head.

Mo, convinced his mere presence had saved the day, strutted off looking for more lives to save.

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  1. So you did take heed when you went to school and learnt the art of composition. Very entertaining, I will view Mo in a different light after his eggstreme bravery