Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Election Day 9. Mo deals with Anglo/French relations

International diplomacy isn't one of Mo's strong points.

The officially recognised boarder between English and French territory at Swaton is the wall behind the wood. One one side Mo and his devoted team of 14 prepare for the World Egg Throwing Championship, on the other lives the underemployed, flightless Gaston and his three paramours.

Gaston, a large fellow with short stumpy legs, has been constantly causing trouble by jumping over the low wall in order to attempt to steal away some of Mo's essential workers. He does this by being loud and posturing, taunting Mo, in a thick French chicken accent with calls of "You feather duster you" and comparing him to the Italian Captains hat off "Allo allo".

Mo's response is always the same, a chant of "come over here if you think your hard enough", a quick dash at the interloper and then Gaston hops back over to his own side. But "enoughs enough" says Mo, demanding action to prevent further unwarranted incursions into his sovereign space.

Initial attempts to prevent this leaping over were made by making use of some beer crates on top of the frontier, but Gaston, being a persistent type, was not easily put off. He spent days practicing his jumping and could eventually manage the extra foot or so. Further action was required. Behind the scenes high level negotiations between the WETF CEO and Marge, the lady that has the house over the wall, led to a plan of action.

The operation required Marge's two delightful daughters Fifi and Sairs to erect an iron curtain. "Odd Job" happened to have a few partially used wooden posts from a previous unfinished task along with some chicken wire from some other poorly completed job. These were passed to the daughters who manfully sledge hammered the poles into place and then tacked the wire between them to form a 6 foot high, Gaston proof, fence on his side of the wall.

All incursions have now stopped and peace has returned, sort of. Gaston still stands on top of his coop shouting in his french chicken accent. Mo retaliates by parading his girls in full view and singing, in style of the Fun Loving Criminals, "Everybody knows fat birds don't fly"

Gaston hates that.

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