Sunday, 25 April 2010

One of our chickens in missing

It is with some concern that we inform readers that Goldie has been reported missing. She was last seen in the wood on Friday 23rd. This matter was not reported until a full area search, including French soil, had been completed.

Two possibilities are being considered:

1. She is alive and broody but is nesting somewhere outside of the grounds of WETF HQ. However, a search has failed to find any trace.

2. She may have been taken by a fox, or other predator, overnight. Despite being expected in these circumstances though, no sign of any attack has been found.

Mo is, as you would expect, maintaining morale within the remaining flock of 11 Beryls and 2 girlfriends.

Goldie is a golden "old English" style banty hen. She is three years old and the 3rd of Mo's girlfriends. She is an expert in escape and evasion.

The WETF remains hopeful that she will return safely. Any sitings should be reported via

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