Saturday, 17 April 2010

Day 12 and Mo gets his house in order.

Chickens roost, by this I mean they sleep on a perch. TC, Goldie and Choo Choo normally retire up a tree in the wood, the Beryls sleep on perches (wooden bars) in the coop, 5 or 6 to each. Mo isn't big enough to reach the bar so he tends to sleep in a nest box and thus the girls get an undisturbed night.

However, because of Choo Choo's current situation Mo has been forced to vacate the box and is sleeping on the equivalent of the settee. This has its draw backs as it directly below 5 or 6 Beryls. Chicken are generally not house trained and do not warn of their intentions. Mo is not a happy bunny.

Today he demanded, and got, a clean bed. This regular process involves lifting and propping the roof, ejecting Choo Choo, shovelling out the old matted carpet of wood shavings, removing old nest box hay, sliding out the floor, sweeping down, checking for pests, washing out, then replacing with new, more fragrant, wood shavings and hay. This work is closely followed by the girls who all believe that the task can not be completed without their valuable input, they offer advice throughout the whole affair, inspecting the work , making appropriate "Ooohhhh" noises and getting in the way. After its done they all troop in, Mo included, to have a look around. Scratching at the wood shavings as if to check its depth, rearranging the furniture, counting the nest boxes, making contented noise then go off to upgrade their zoopla settings. I'm sure they compare it with Gastons, next door.

Mo went to his new bed happy tonight, only to find Choo Choo had again taken up residence in the box. He's on the settee again.

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