Friday, 9 April 2010

Election Day 4 and a smear campaign

Earlier today a nasty smear campaign was started claiming that Mo was involved in improper actions by having 12 girlfriends.

Staff at the World Egg Throwing Federation were quick to point out that he, despite being a bit of a tiger, actually has only 3 girlfriends and the other 11 ladies in his life are his wives. (Those of you following this will be aware that all are called Beryl, that they know all about and accept the 3 girlfriends).

A detailed investigation has failed to identify the culprit or purpose of this attempted smear campaign but suspicion is placed firmly at Gaston, the french cockerel, next door as late yesterday Gaston (who has just 3 wives) made an attempt to lure away some of Mo's during an uninvited incursion across boarders. Despite the massive size and vocal capability difference Mo rapidly and heroically saw off the large jealous Gallic interloper.

Meanwhile, despite the unwanted interest in Mo's home life, the coop has been reasonably peaceful today with the exception of dusk. The Beryls have taken exception to Choo Choos presence in nestbox 1 and a squabble ensued. So loud was the cacophony that the WETF HQ was alerted and had to investigate. A few beaks were tapped, words exchanged and now alls quiet.

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