Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cameron Press release

Today we were going to cover the adventure of Mo and the trebuchet but fast moving stories have led to the need to issue the press release below. Mo will continue tomorrow.

World Egg Throwing Federation Press Release

21st April 2010

1610 hours

Following the inappropriate and illegal assault on Tory hopeful David Cameron today the World Egg Throwing Federation condemns completely the use of eggs in such a manner.

A spokesman for the World Egg Throwing Championship event says that “The throwing of eggs to an unwilling participant in an egg catching game is against not only the rules but also the spirit of them.”

The World Egg Throwing Federation makes the following offers:

1. To invite David Cameron to attend the World Egg Throwing Championships on June 27th in order that he receives proper instruction on how to receive an egg correctly.

2. To nominate Mr Cameron for the position of Deputy World President of the Federation is recognition of his response to the inappropriate attack. Previous nominee Mr John Prescott failed to accept his nomination.

3. To invite Mr Tyler Dixon of Cornwall to attend the World Egg Throwing Championships so he can learn the correct way to throw and egg and also benefit from the experience of being the target in the Egg Throwing with Accuracy Game.

The World Egg Throwing Championship has been nominated as England’s Most Unique Event and takes place, this year, on June 27th at Swaton in Lincolnshire.

World Egg Throwing Federation

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