Thursday, 15 April 2010

Election Day 10. Volcano Causes Egg Shortage?

Its been a busy day at WETF HQ, people calling around all day to either support the WETF by purchasing eggs or to try and persuade the team to vote for them in some other election that seems to be going on. "Odd Job" was left in charge of door answering.

This was positive on two fronts;

1. He did manage to get the rosette wearing types to agree to vote for World Egg Throwing Championship in exchange for a reciprocal one from him. (Although some did look a bit apprehensive at first when egg throwing was mentioned and hes not sure how he's going to vote 4 times in their contest.)

2. Eggs sales help support the WETF and are very popular as the girls live a happy carefree life (now Gastons not about) eating healthy organic stuff. The eggs are very large with firm shells, bright yellow yolks and very tasty.

The latter process though has identified a recent problem. Egg production has slowed, only 4 eggs today and the same the past few days. This was taken up with Mo.

Mo, being male was very quick with an explanation, saying it was definitely not his fault, then continuing with some great authority, that he believes "the current colder weather has been brought about by the Icelandic volcanic eruption casting a shadow across the orchard, the girls have gone rapidly into winter lay mode and we can expect a down turn until the ash cloud departs" (or words to that effect).

This all sounds very plausible as Mo is well educated cockerel. However, never one to take anything at face value, the CEO noted the following:

a. Choo Choo is still hormonally challenged and sets about any chicken that comes within laying distance of her within the nest box. This may go one for anotehr 8 days or so.

b. When they lay an egg the girls celebrate and make a loud fuss. This may have something to do with the size of the eggs. This celebration call frequency has not diminished.

c. The girls seem to be spending a lot of time in the corner of the wood behind the thick bramble that "Odd Job" was going to clear last year.

He is sent to investigate and return sometime later with a basket with 34 eggs in it.

Mo chipped in that was going to be his back up theory if the volcano one was wrong.

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