Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 8 of the election. Mo deals with enviroment

"Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where the birdie is" says Mo as he stumbles about in the long grass looking for his girls. Life gets pretty difficult when your legs are only 2 inches long, on tippy toes, and the grass is already above Mos head in some places. Time to fire up the Hayter!

This, of course, requires the assistance of "Odd Job" as despite his many skills Mo has yet to master the complexities of a pull start and in any case the steering of it is also pretty difficult.

"Odd Job" has some sympathy with Mo as he has similar difficulties but he has a solution. He'll get someone in. In keeping with the naming process discussed yesterday he calls upon the services Bob "the Ride On" Mower.

Bob is tall, dark and handsome. A local 28 year old whose given task is to keep down the grass in various village venues, a strong silent type but with a twinkle in his eye. Hes extremely cheap and always available. All the village ladies love him, especially the CEO, thus "odd Job" will get some much needed brownie points for arranging for Bob to call.

When I said that Bob is tall, I meant TALL. He is 15.2 hands high and a chestnut gelding.

Bob duly arrives and is placed in the area between the orchard and the pond. Each part is fenced off with some wire that Bob thinks might be electric and thus horse proof. The girls all gather round and follow Bob expectantly, hovering at his hooves and clucking excitedly. Mo stalks off into the long grass and glares. He doesn't like Bob.

If you like Bob, give him a peppermint and vote now via www.eggthrowing.com

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  1. I was getting a bit worried about Odd Jobs sexual orientation then. Knowing that Odd Job has a good woman who keeps him in line, that Bob the handsome 28 year old is a Chestnut gelding is a relief.