Friday, 23 April 2010

The fall out from winning

Its been hectic, radio people, newspaper people and even TV people. All wanting to know strange things about the WETF, what its does and why. Who is Mo?, which chicken is called Beryl? who are the girl friends? wheres Gaston?

The easiest thing was to refer them to the blog campaign trail, the website and let them see Mo. But they still wanted more. Anyway, Mo was very busy celebrating with the ladies and really doesn't do press well, in fact it was requested he did his celebrating well out of camera shot.

So it was left to the CEO to deal with, but the problem was that there were far too many press enquires for one to deal with. However, shes very organised and came up with a fine solution, delegate the more mundane enquires task of looking after photographers to "Odd Job", she would deal with the important ones.

Aware of his ability to talk fair exceeded his level of common sense, or indeed his grasp of reality, she gave him a carefully prepared, basic facts, crib sheet along with the words "You are NOT to deviate from this." Odd Job nodded enthusiastically and went off to talk to "Papps" (although he was unsure why they were all called the same name and was further confused by the fact that some didn't even look look old enough to be fathers).

The day ended well with all press accounted for..........then the CEO saw the quotes.

Not a mention of the start of egg throwing in 1322 to feed starving peasants, not a mention of the months of preparation and not a mention of the Swaton Vintage Day charitable works in support of Cancer Research groups, The Red Cross, Shelterbox, The Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES)and their 10,000 calls per year.

She waited for him in the canteen whilst he was out giving the girls that evening snack. He sauntered back, whistling, badly.

"Odd Job! Whats this about the us wanting egg throwing in Olympics?" she asks.
"Ah" he says, ducking from the hand that swept in to cuff his ear "I thought that was a good idea"

He goes onto explain that he'd noticed that the Olympics Committee were following them on Twitter, as was Boris, plus the main political parties and some other people he didn't recognise but they seemed to quite nice, mostly.

The CEO thought for a while, stroking gently the cat she was holding, before saying "Hmmm, Odd Job, it might just work"

Thank you to all of you that voted for us, it is really appreciated. Keep June 27th free.

Next task, support Egg Throwing for 2012 demonstration sport status.

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