Saturday, 1 May 2010

Britains Got Talent Star to attend World Championships

The WETF is pleased to confirm that Joel Hicks will again be attending the World Championships in June. Joel is known to many for a variety of reasons: his stunning body (the CEO has a picture of him as a screen saver), being the World Gravy Wrestling Champion and perhaps most importantly for raising thousands of pounds for a children's hospice in Leicestershire. He's a good egg.

For the last two events he has been integral to the Egg Throwing With Accuracy Challenge, when he appeared as the target.

In this the target stands 24 feet from the throw line.
3 Eggs are acquired, in exchange for a small fee.
After an appropriate, and acknowledged, warning these are then hurled at Joel.
Points are awarded for strikes to each area, if the egg breaks.
Head Shot. Nil points.
Arm or leg. 1 point
Body shot. 2 points
Groin shot. 3 points.

For scoring accuracy reasons Joel he declines to wear protection in that important area and so these hits are clearly identifiable.

Last year two players scored maximum points and a throw off was required to establish the World Champion.

If Ive got this right you can see Joel and his team on BGT here....

You can see the serious side here via

Finally, for those that attempted to guess what it was that Mo was worrying about.
It was a hedgehog.

More updates as soon as possible, including news on Goldie and the pheasant over the fence.

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