Monday, 11 July 2011

Shock as England win Dutch National Open

Date line: Saturday 9th July
Location: Makkum, Independent Republic of Freisland, North Holland.
Event: The Dutch National Open Egg Throwing Championships.

The picturesque Dutch village of Makkum rang all day to the sound of laughter, gasps, cheers and music as the annual Dutch National Open Egg Throwing Championships took of the town square and high street. Commencing at 1100 and running through until 1700, the square finally emptied at around midnight as Holland's finest eggstreme sportsmen and women wound there way home or onto nightclubs to continue their celebrations.

The day began with light rain but, as promised by the organisers, this broke to become beautifully sunny and perfect weather. Tourists flocked into the event to experiance first hand the shock and awe of World Class Egg Throwing.

4 Events.

Egg Trebuchet. 10 machines of eggcellent design competed for the title. Some novel and eggciting variations were observed.

Throw and catch. In an effort to embrace equality and for the first time ever this was run as an all comers event for both male and female tossers. The female have now demanded inequality as despite valiant efforts they were unable to match the brawn and muscle power of the male competitors. In the under 16 group there was shock as the title went to a pair of young Germans.

Static relay. Using an exciting variation of the game, 6 player in a tennis court sized pitch toss to and fro over a vision barrier. This ensured that the yolk was on many of the receivers.

Russian Egg Roulette. A knockout for the Dutch spectators who watched in amazement as the English swept the board claiming use of a style of raki, derived from Feng Sheng, to correctly identify all raw from boiled eggs. The British Eggspert, Andy Dunlop of the World Egg Throwing Federation, defied all the odds and proved unstoppable whilst confidently selecting the correct eggs.

The event drew the largest ever crowds into Makkum, making it the most successful ever for participants, spectators and sponsors. It was declared to be a Rumdoodle

Notes for editors.
The Dutch Egg Throwing Federation is affiliated to the World Egg Throwing Federation.
Whilst catering for the aspirations for sport egg throwers to eggcel in their field the event also served the local community by raising thousands of euros for good causes.
More information including videos and stills are available from

For British spokesperson of the World Egg Throwing Federation See

Andy Dunlop
07900 26 78 70

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