Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The All Ireland Open Egg Throwing Championship

The All Ireland Open Egg Throwing Championship
Approved by the
World Egg Throwing Federation

The World Egg Throwing Federation is pleased to announce that the
The All Ireland Open Egg Throwing Championships
will take place on Saturday the 29th at the 22nd Culchie Festival, Mohill, County Leitrim and is open to all comers, including non culchies, Dubs and other foreigners.

This event aims to place Mohill at the head of sport egg throwing and pave the way for the event to become fully recognised by Sport Ireland and to be included in future Olympic games.

You can be part of it and gain the chance of guaranteed entry to the 2012 Word Egg Throwing Championships as Ireland’s official representative.

The World Egg Throwing Federation is proud to recognise these games and looks forward to the rapid growth in its popularity under the leadership of the Irish branch President Paddy Rock who said “This is a great opportunity for the people of Ireland to show what they are made of. We recognise it’s a new sport to some butits an ancient Irish sport and we will be training people all day to take part in the finals and a chance for glory and world fame”

World President Andy Dunlop said “This is an exciting time for Ireland and indeed the rest of the World. We look forward to seeing champions made and being sent to the World Championships in June next year to play for Ireland against other world class athletes from Holland, Germany, Canada, the USA and many more.”

Notes for editors.
This event will feature Russian Egg Roulette and Two person Throw and Catch. It will be based upon the World Egg Throwing Federations rules as detailed by the Federation rules ( and, as appropriate, in accordance with the Council of Europe’s European Sports Charter 1993:
All monies raised by the event are used to support local, national and international good causes.
No chickens will be hurt during the championships.

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