Saturday, 13 August 2011

Updated .Egg Throwers' bikini bottom ads criticised by feminists

Makkum based Dutchmen, Andries Smink and Willem Rienstra have teamed up with a bookmaker to trial barcodes on the backs of their trouser bottoms in a sponsorship deal.

When the matrix barcodes are photographed with a smartphone, the user is taken to the company's website.

The feminists say this shows there is a lack of seriousness around some sports.

The Quick Response (QR) code is part of a sponsorship deal between Smink, Rienstra and a betting firm.

In a statement, the firm said: "There is huge interest in Egg Throwing and we want to ensure that our advertising campaign is seen and remembered by as many sports fans as possible."

'Walking billboards'
"As far as we're aware this is the first time QR codes have been used in in-play sports advertising."

But the feminists, said: "I think what is really shows is that there's still a lack of seriousness taken when it comes to sports."

"There's the assumption that women are the spectators rather than men for a start."

"But also do we want these men to be seen as athletes or are they being used as sex objects and walking advertising billboards? These are big, big questions."

A spokesman declined to comment on the feminists statements.

Smink (World Champion 2011, Netherlands Champion 2011 and Competition King of the sport of Kaatsen 2011) and Rienstra (World Champion 2011)both say that this spat will not deter them from their efforts in October to take the All Ireland Open Egg Throwing Championship title at The Culchie Festival in Mohill, Ireland.

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