Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Matt Baker and egg throwings

Its sometimes amazing what an innocent tweet can do.

Tweet 1.
Mo the Cockerel
looking forward to you passing through Swaton and the home of World Egg Throwing on Wednesday. We'll be out for you.

Tweet 2
Mo the Cockerel
getting closer. Official Tossers from World Egg Throwing Championships ready to greet him in Swaton in 20 mins.

Tweet 3
Mo the Cockerel
Police escort at WETF HQ to greet Hmmmm........

It appears tht Matt Bakers support staff hadnt heard of the World Egg Throwing Federation and, having surfed the net, raised the potential of crowds of egg throwing hooligans gathering at Swaton to pelt the pedalling star with eggs as he rode through.

As a result two of Lincolnshire's finest arrived shortly before he did.

This is them...........

This is them discussing what a to do with the CEO and then what to do with 1/2 Done....

and this is them searching the miscreant for eggs....

Oh.......... and this is Matt. Well done to him.
(One presumes the man in the back if the car is one of his support staff)

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