Monday, 28 May 2012

The 2012 World Egg Throwing Championships.


International Teams gearing up for the big event.

The World Egg Throwing Federation is eggcited by the prospect of a truly epic games as the Worlds best egg tossers converge onto Swaton for June 24th and the 7th World Egg Throwing Championships.

Teams have been practicing hard since the close of last year’s season and promise a better than ever event. 

Last year’s Champs, the Dutch, return again to take on the World and their old rivals the Germans. 

The Dutch team mainstay of Smink, with a new partner, has just set a new World Record  in the Dutch heats of 73.2m. 

The Germans, this year submitting 2 teams, have experessed that they see “No problem” as their teams are regularly making the catch at 55m in training despite strong cross winds.  They go on to say, “Any chimp can throw that distance outside competition, they (the Dutch) won’t be able to take the heat on the day”. 

The Dutch have responded with “The Germans, with no offence meant to women, throw like big girls” and to prove the point are sending their own female team to make their official third national pair.

Irish champ Paul Murphy has already confirmed that he will be attending to defend his title in Russian Egg Roulette, as have the Latvians, with their Trebuchet.

Although still to confirm travel arrangements, we expect Joel Hicks (World Gravy Wrestling Champion and star of BGT) to once again to step up to the mark to be target in the Throwing with Accuracy Challenge.

This years events will be:

Two person throw and catch

Static relay.

Target throwing

Egg trebuchet

Russian Egg Roulette.

Full information on the disciplines can be gained via

Notes for editors.

The World Egg Throwing Championships are to be held on Sunday the 24th of June at Swaton in Lincolnshire and are be hosted by Swaton Vintage Day.

All monies raised by the event are used to support local, national and international good causes such ads Leukaemia Research, The Red Cross, Air Ambulance provision, Children’s Hospices, and Shelter Box.

No chickens will be hurt during the championships.

Further Information can be obtained from:

Andy Dunlop

07900 26 78 70

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