Monday, 20 May 2013

The 2013 Supermac's All Ireland Open championship

The 2013 Supermac's All Ireland Open national egg throwing championship

A fine day was had by all at the Conaught fair held at Ballinrobe today.

Over thirty top class athletes to part in a close match that accumulated with two teams tossing off at the fifty metre mark. The first pair failed to catch at this distance and it was left to Warren mclone to take a fine tos from Irish hero wild Willy o'donovan to take the title.

In accordance with WETF rules the pair were then offered a chance at the world record. At that time held by the Dutch experts, smink and Visser, at 69.5 metres.

After a few ranging shots there was a close shave when Malone dropped a wonderful 74 metre lob, slipping between his fingers, off his leg, to bounce unbroken across the damp grass.  The next throw though fell slightly shorter and was caught cleanly at 71.2 metres.  After confirmation of the distance and that caught egg had not been tampered with it was with great pleasure that the judge (world president andy dunlop) confirmed the throw and catch good and a new world record.

The federation thanks Supermac's for its sponsorship of the event (and the rather fine meal served lat we at its Ballinrobe restaurant)

The top tossing world record holders understaffed the world championships in June to defend their record.

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