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World Egg Throwing Championships 2013



Swaton, Sunday 30th June 2013

For the 8th year running Swaton Vintage Day will host the increasingly prestigious World Egg Throwing Federation’s World Championships.

The 5 disciplines of target throwing, 2 person throw and catch, egg trebuchet, static relay and Russian egg roulette will again bring together the finest athletes in their field to battle it out in the multination extravaganza.

As teams fly in from across the globe including Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Slovenia, USA, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Australia and Brazil after a year of hard training they will be joined for the 1st time by a team of most excellent and extraordinary players for the first time from Japan.  Under the Captaincy of mighty morphing Power Ranger Mitsuomi Takahashi (aka Big Red) they are sure to cause a stir and crowds are expected at their training grounds over the next few days.

The reigning world champions, Dutch daring duo Smink and Visser, have stated that they fear no one and the ninjas will return home empty handed.  Meanwhile the Irish team have brought in their expert chucker and current distance world record holder in order to take the title back to the emerald isle.  Wild Willie O’Donovan stunned the egg throwing world just last month at the Irish National by smashing the Dutchmen’s previous record of 69.5 metres to set a new one at 71.2 metres.

 Germanys top tosser Timo Breunig states that he is confident that his new team of tossers will not leave disappointed and have a trick or two up their sleeves to teach the weordl the true meaning of success. 

In other news, Simon Cowell and Natalie Holt have not confirmed their attendance as of yet, but this is too be expected in order to keep the public guessing right up to the line.

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Notes for editors.

The World Egg Throwing Championships are to be held on Sunday the 30th of June at Swaton in Lincolnshire and are be hosted by Swaton Vintage Day.

All monies raised by the event are used to support local, national and international good causes such ads Leukaemia Research, The Red Cross, Air Ambulance provision, Children’s Hospices, and Shelter Box.

No chickens will be hurt during the championships.


Further Information can be obtained from:


Andy Dunlop

07900 26 78 70

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