Saturday, 29 June 2013

The trouble with stray Power Rangers is.......

Conversation between the CEO and her cousin earlier today, via text.

CEO  “There’s a Power Ranger in the paddock”

Cousin “?”

CEO “A Japanese one”
Cousin “Er….  What pills are you taking?”
CEO “No really, he’s there!”

Cousin “It’s a bit early for Power Rangers…. They usually don’t come out till the autumn.” “What colour is it and which type?”
CEO “Red, I don’t know its name.”

Cousin “That OK, the red ones don’t usually bite. Just put a saucer of milk down for it, it’ll be fine. They don’t eat meat.”

Cousin “The PowerRranger should of gone to sleep now”
CEO “He has, at the Supreme Inn at Bicker, but he’s coming back tomorrow.”

Cousin “Yes, they are very territorial….. The only way to get rid of them is to rub marmite behind their ears and on their bottoms.”
CEO “I’ll bear that in mind in case he hasn’t gone by Monday, mind you he’s very pretty to look at.”

Cousin “They are, but they do make a terrible mess of your lawn! And once they start burrowing, you’ll never get rid of them”!”
CEO “You sound like you’re talking from experience here?”

Cousin “Yes, I had to Rentokil in to get rid of mine…”
To be continued......

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