Friday, 21 October 2011

Irish Tossers take on the World

Whats big in Ireland next week?

The Presdiential race?.............. Nope!

The plight of the Euro?...............Nope!

The Rugby World Cup?..............Not any more!

The Culchie Festival and the 1st national Open Egg Throwing Championship?

You betcha!!!

As all Ireland waits with bated breath for the highlight of the sporting calender all other matters fade into obscurity.... The Worlds best international players descend into Ireland this week to take on Ireland's brightest hopefuls at World Championship Level Egg Throwing.

Approved by the
World Egg Throwing Federation

(incorporating the All England Egg Throwing Federation). in conjunction with the Culchie Festival
Saturday the 29th of October

Mohill, County Lietrim

This event aims to place Mohill at the head of sport egg throwing and pave the way for the event to become fully recognised by Sport Ireland. You can be part of it and gain the chance of guaranteed entry to the 2012 Word Egg Throwing Championships as Ireland’s official representative.

The World Egg throwing Federation is proud to recognise these games and looks forward to the rapid growth in its popularity under the leadership of Irish Egg Throwing President Paddy Rock, who said “This is a great opportunity for the people of Ireland to show what they are made of. We recognise it’s a new sport to some but we will be training people all day to take part in the finals and a chance for glory and world fame”

The Irish games will consist of 2 disciplines.

Throw and Catch

Russian Egg Roulette

Official Recognition being sought

The sport of egg throwing, thought to have been invented in 1322, is seeking official recognition via the English Sports Council. All required criteria have been fulfilled for 4 of the 5 sports and the application is now being resubmitted for the 5th. We expect their decision shortly. It is hoped that success will enable Egg Throwing to being admitted as a demonstration sport in the 2012 London Olympics.

Confirmed contestants from around the globe

We can already confirm the attendance of the current Egg Throwing World and Dutch National Champions and the previous World Russian Egg Roulette Champion Englands Opal Upton-Brooker. International Judges will be present to ensure fair play.

How to play

See for details of how to play each game

Andy Dunlop

World President

World Egg Throwing Federation.

Notes to editors.

Photos can be supplied or taken directly from the website.

Please use the website address in any coverage.

Contact the writer for quotes.

The WETF and Swaton Vintage Day are run entirely without profit to raise funds for local and national charitable good causes including the Red Cross, Leukaemia Research and Air Ambulance provision. The Irish National is being run to support service dogs for Autistic Children. No chickens will be hurt during the games. All eggs are stockpiled from local, happy and free-range sources. All eggs have been selected from those classified as not fit for consumption. Eggs may be at least 6 months old.

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